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In terms of grade and variety, Saskatchewan has some of the most spectacular PGE occurrences in Canada, if not the world.

The Peter Lake Complex is the largest mafic intrusive complex in North America and falls in the "Super Giant" category of mafic intrusions along with the Bushweld Complex and the Great Dyke.

Its immense size and the presence of significant PGE mineralization together suggest that the Peter Lake Complex has tremendous PGE potential.

Source: Hulbert, L., Geological Environments for Platinum Group Element Mineralization – Brief Overview, Geological Survey of Canada, Economic Minerals of Saskatchewan, Hulbert, L. p. 33-36.

Cook Gold Project


High Grade Gold and Silver over 7.4 km2 in Humboldt County, Nevada.

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Whiskey Flat Project


High Grade Copper, Zinc and Cobalt On Patented Mine Site, Mineral County, Nevada.

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Craig Lake Project


DPEM Targets Adjacent to Former Producer Near Flin Flon, Manitoba.

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Peter Lake Project

Copper-Nickel-Cobalt-Platinum Group

2nd Largest Mafic/Ultramafic Complex in North Am-Significant Cu-Ni-PGE and Co Mineralization in northern SK.

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